About Us

Our team of designers and LEED professionals take pride in being industry leaders in the ever-changing field of lighting technology and design. We are constantly on the forefront of lighting trends, codes, and technologies while monitoring the LEEDS and Green Building requirements. Using only the most cutting-edge technology, we create the most efficient and best design, all while adhering to the budgetary needs of our clients.

Our Vision

In 2002, Shawna Sieck set out to create a company that delivered the highest quality lighting design with the best customer service in the market. Years later with a laundry list of satisfied customers, the result of this dream is Legacy Lighting. Legacy Lighting is a small, locally-owned business in the heart of Austin, Texas.

At Legacy Lighting, our first priority is our customers. We believe the key to creating our client’s vision is truly listening to them. Our business is devoted to providing the best lighting suited for each individual project while taking into account the ordinances associated with the site location. Legacy’s goal is to create green solutions while maintaining the budget of our client, providing an aesthetically pleasing design and complying with all energy regulations. We take a personal stake in every project we undertake. At Legacy Lighting, your project is our project, and we’re not satisfied until you are. We look forward to making your dreams a reality.

Legacy Lighting can provide lighting design or lighting products. We will create a specific list of services for your project with a variety of choices to offer. We provide conceptual drawings, document reviews, photometrics, Com Check, EPACT, CAD, light fixture schedules, renderings, AGI, Revit and lighting control documentation.

The city of Austin is a leader in new technology and energy efficiency. We’re proud to be a contributor in the green-technology movement by finding economical ways to design environmentally-friendly and energy- efficient projects. Legacy Lighting has successfully designed LEEDS projects for the City of Austin, diligently adhering to the MLO Dark-Sky ordinance, Austin’s new energy code requirements, and IECC 2009 standards. Austin is an LED city, and we’ve spent the last nine years focused on LED technology. As a result, we have seen the evolution of LED and are thoroughly knowledgeable in the nuances of LED technology.

Our Experience

Our company is comprised of leaders in the lighting industry. Our combined efforts with Cooper Lighting  and other superior manufacturers have made us the premier choice in lighting.  We maintain our foundation in industry innovation by making sure we stay up-to-the-minute in cutting-edge technology and associated governmental and environmental regulations. We have a knowledge base and combined experience of over 50 years.

Our projects light up the Austin skyline. Some of our most notable projects are featured in The Austonian, City Hall, Capital Renovation, The W Hotel, The Hilton Hotel, The Marriott Courtyard and Residence Inn, Malaga, Bridges, The University of Texas Tower, Dell Children’s Hospital, The Shore, The Stitches under IH35 at 6th, The University of Texas Stadium, Whole Foods 6th and Lamar, and the LEEDS project for the Federal Courthouse. Legacy Lighting has illuminated everything from the historical renovations to the modern skyscrapers of Austin.

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Lighting Design

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Our Hearts

Our heart as a company lies with our community, and we seek to support those organizations which are helping supply the physical, cultural and recreational needs of Austinites of all ages.